Landscapes/ Landskappe

 Watercolour paintings for Sale/

Waterverwe Te Koop – Landscape/Landskap

 Most of these watercolours come with mountings – although some are framed. Measurements are given in cm and do not include the mounting or frame.

Lenteboom/Waterbeach. 50x30. Unframed. R1500

Lenteboom/Waterbeach. 50×30. Not for sale

PietJan. Sold.

PietJan. Sold.

Veld. Sold

Veld. Sold

Enklave. 68x48 Framed R3500

Enklave. 68×48 Framed R3500

Verlate stasie 47x32 Unframed, but with mounting. R2000

Verlate stasie 47×32 Unframed, but with mounting. R2000 SOLD

Visse. Sold.

Visse. Sold.

As die wind so waai. 80x60. Framed. R5000

As die wind so waai. 80×60. Framed. For sale. See homepage

Sonneblomveld Villasavary. 95x72 Framed. R6000

Sonneblomveld Villasavary. 95×72 Framed. Not for sale

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