Still life / Stillewes

Watercolour paintings for Sale/

Waterverwe Te Koop – Still life / Stillewes

Most of these watercolours come with mountings – although some are framed. Measurements are given in cm and do not include the mounting or frame.

Sierwingerd. (Vinyard) 62×45 cm. (framed) (Sold)

Waskom / Wash basin. framed, 25×32 cm (Price on Home Page)

Papawers/ Poppies. Framed, 25×32 cm (See price on Home Page)

bloublom/blue flower. 50 x 30 cm Unframed. (See price on Home Page)

(See price on Home Page)

Late autumn/ Laaste herfs. Framed.(64×42) SOLD

Stillewe met bottels. Unframed with mounting. R2000

Stillewe met bottels. Unframed with mounting. 50x30cm see homepage

Appel. R1000

Appel. Framed. 25×30 Sold

Blomtyd. Sold

Blomtyd. Sold

katjie Goya. Not available

Cat/katjie Goya. Not available

Goya en Tosca. Not for sale.

Goya en Tosca. Not for sale.


Bergbrand. 30x40cm SOLD.

Rotskuns/ Rock art (48x35cm) Unframed (R 600)

(See price on Home Page)

Irisse (43×32 cm) Framed. SOLD



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